Plastic chopping boards - what you should know

Kunststoff Schneidebretter - das solltest du wissen

A good chopping board in the kitchen is at least as essential as a good knife.

Whether for chopping fruit, vegetables or meat, the requirements for a high-quality chopping board are very high.

What makes a good chopping board?

As chopping boards are used on a daily basis, they need to be one thing above all else: practical. If a board is not easy to handle or you don't feel safe using it, it has no place in your kitchen.

The most important thing to consider is how boards behave on different surfaces. The material of your kitchen worktop doesn't matter, the chopping board should be non-slip, as you are working with sharp knives and don't want to risk any accidents.

You should also consider your requirements for the chopping board and think about the results you would like to achieve with the board.

If you value handles to make it easier to hold, you should pay attention to this when buying. It can also be extremely practical if your chopping board has a juice groove that catches drips and doesn't get your kitchen unnecessarily dirty.

The right chopping board - plastic, stone or wood?

Finding the right material for your chopping boards is not always easy, as they all behave differently and can be quite a lot of work for you.

Wood chopping boards, for example, cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher, whereas most plastic chopping boards are very easy to clean.

Find out exactly how wooden boards and other materials differ in this article.

In most cases, it is also worth choosing boards of different sizes so that you are prepared for anything.

Scratch-resistant chopping boards - why they are so important

Cutting boards have to withstand a lot, such as pungent odors, staining food, sharp knives and much more

Over time, most chopping boards wear out and grooves, scores and indentations appear due to the constant cutting of food.

These crevices in the surface are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, which increase the risk of food poisoning. You can find out more about this here.

This is precisely why we use thermoplastic polyurethane for our plastic shelves, which makes the shelves absolutely scratch-resistant. This not only prevents the spread of germs and makes the chopping board antibacterial, but the plastic boards are absolutely durable and rarely need to be replaced.

So you can prepare your favorite meal without worrying about hygiene and simply use different boards for different ingredients.

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