Chopping board set - how to find the right one

Schneidebrett Set - so findest du das Passende

The chopping board is used every day in the kitchen and constantly comes into contact with your food. That's why it's so important to use the right chopping board, which not only saves effort and protects your knives, but also protects your food from coming into contact with germs.

Finding the right chopping board

Finding a suitable chopping board is not that easy, as there are so many different models made from different materials

Whether for cutting meat, vegetables, fruit or bread, the material of the cutting board is crucial for preparation.

Plastic boards, for example, can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, while wooden boards or cutting boards made of glass or stone may look good, but cleaning them is very time-consuming.

In addition, surfaces such as wood or plastic are very soft, which is why cutting grooves quickly form in which germs accumulate or the salmonella load is quite high.
If you therefore opt for chopping boards made of hard materials such as stone or glass, your kitchen knives will wear out quickly and you will have to constantly sharpen the blades.

When choosing products, you should therefore definitely consider what you want from your board, what results you want to achieve and what price you are willing to pay.

Should it be a kitchen board with a soft surface or several chopping boards to speed up kitchen work and food preparation?

You can use your chopping board set for this

In fact, it can be quite practical to have several chopping boards to hand. Not only does this make cooking much quicker, you can also separate food during preparation and avoid infection with germs that build up in the cracks of the boards. You can find out more about this and our tips for more hygiene in the kitchen in this article.

Since raw meat products and fish often contain a lot of germs, you should always keep fresh vegetables away from them. This is precisely why it is very important to use different chopping boards for different ingredients

This way, you can easily limit the risk of contamination and prepare your food without any worries.

A chopping board set with boards of different sizes can be very useful if you want to save yourself the effort of cleaning the board after every use.

Cutting board set with stand - why it's so practical

Instead of storing the board in the drawer every time, it can be very practical to have it by your side at all times.
In this case, a chopping board set with stand not only helps the boards to dry more quickly, they are also always stored in one place and the kitchen is always tidy.

Since salmonella contamination in meat products is increasing, several kitchen boards are now indispensable to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. Scratch-resistant chopping boards in particular have something of a natural filter and can withstand influences such as highly staining foods or particularly sharp foods.

Investing in durable boards that can withstand constant chopping and don't need to be replaced so often is not only important in terms of sustainability, but also helps you save money in the long term.

So you can prepare your favorite meal without having to worry about hygiene and enjoy cooking more immediately.

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