Cutting boards

Robust companions for your everyday kitchen life

Hygienic preparation

Whether vegetables, fruit or meat - our chopping boards are absolutely scratch-resistant and antibacterial

Simple care

You can easily wash or sterilize our cutting boards in the dishwasher

Sustainable production

Our cutting boards are made from thermoplastic polyurethane, which is completely environmentally friendly

Cooking made easy

Our non-slip chopping boards are flexible and make pouring and serving easier

Valerie Schneider
Expert for
functional cooking

Doblé chopping boards

A good chopping board is at least as important in the kitchen as a good knife. Whether for cutting fruit, vegetables or meat, the requirements for a good chopping board are very high.

Robust everyday companion - what makes a good chopping board

As chopping boards are used every day, they must first and foremost be practical. If a board is not easy to handle, it has no place in the kitchen.

Above all, you should pay attention to how boards behave on different surfaces. Whether the work surface is made of wood, stainless steel or plastic, the chopping board should be non-slip, because you are working with sharp knives and don't want to risk any accidents.

You should also consider your requirements for the chopping board.
If you value handles for better grip, you should pay attention to this when buying. It can also be very practical if your chopping board has a juice groove that catches drips and doesn't make your kitchen unnecessarily dirty.

Scratch-resistant chopping boards - why they are so important

Cutting boards have to withstand a lot. Pungent odors, staining food, sharp knives and much more. Over time, most chopping boards wear down and grooves, cracks and nicks appear.

These cracks in the surface are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, which increase the risk of food poisoning.

This is precisely why we use thermoplastic polyurethane for our chopping boards, which makes the boards absolutely scratch-resistant. This prevents the spread of germs and makes the chopping board antibacterial.

So you can prepare your favorite dishes without worrying about hygiene and simply use different boards for different ingredients.

Food-safe and environmentally friendly

Since your chopping boards are always in contact with fresh food, the material should be free of any harmful substances.

Our cutting boards are made of thermoplastic polyurethane, which is completely environmentally friendly.

The use of food-safe materials ensures that no harmful substances get into our food.

At the same time, choosing environmentally friendly materials helps to minimize the ecological impact and promote sustainability in the kitchen.
Thus, by consciously choosing materials, we can effectively protect our health.

Give your cooking experience not only functionality, but also the certainty that you can conjure up delicious meals without hesitation!